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2023 Taxes

Welcome to SQuigley Financial! If you are interested in us doing your taxes, please reach out to us via email at and we will send you a link to our secure portal to upload documents. To get started right away, you can download our Tax Questionnaires, depending on your situation. Please see descriptions below. You will also see a copy of our Tax Prep Fee Chart, outlining our fees and charges. If you want us to review your last year's return to give you a quote on this year, we will be happy to do so.


ALL NEW CLIENTS MUST COMPLETE ALL 3 PAGES OF THE BASIC INFO QUESTIONNAIRE. Existing clients may have a copy of the basic information already in their portal. PLEASE REVIEW YOUR EXISTING BASIC INFO TO MAKE SURE IT IS CORRECT. We will not be responsible for any errors if you don't notify us in writing that you have downloaded the form, made any changes that needed to be corrected, and re-uploaded it to the portal.

Basic Info Questionnaire - This needs to be completed every year, answering questions that are specific and applicable to this year.

Dependent Worksheet - Complete this form if you have children and/or adult dependents.

Schedule C Worksheet - Complete this if you have self-employed income from cash, cash apps, 1099s, and/or a home office deduction. You might need one per business (not per 1099).

Schedule E - If you rent property, please complete this form. Please remember to complete ONE form PER property, apartment, or home.

Engagement Letter 2023 - This needs to be signed by all tax clients before we can begin preparing a return. 

Tax Fee Chart

Fee Chart - The fee chart is an estimate of the different charges we MAY charge depending on the overall number of documents and complexity of your return. We are happy to give a quote in advance. For more info on billing, please refer to the top of the fee chart.

Online Portal

Secure Portal - Please note that the first email you received to set up the account is not a valid link after the account is created.
To access your account, go to

IMPORTANT - If you are having trouble resetting your password, then you are incorrectly inputting your User ID. Please remember, your User ID is case-sensitive. Therefore, make sure to check the capitalization within your User ID. You may receive a message stating that an email to reset your password was sent; however, if you don't receive it, then something was entered incorrectly. If you need any assistance with the portal, please contact us at the office line and we will tell you the exact User ID associated with your account.

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