Quig Tips


This year we’re going to give you $12,000 worth of QuigTips to help you fund your IRAs, 529 accounts or whatever other savings goals you have!  These QuigTips will be on www.SquigleyFinancial.com, on our Twitter and Facebook @SquigleyCFP, as well as in this newsletter which will be monthly!

Quigtip #1 If you’re looking to drop your annual auto insurance premium, taking a defensive driving course can drop your annual premium by 10% depending on your insurance company! That’s an average annual savings of $155.

Quigtip #2 Improving your home security with monitored security systems can decrease your annual premium by as much as 5%. Some insurance companies will even offer a discount of 20% for an in-home sprinkler system to combat fires. On average this can save you anywhere from $60 to $240. Check with your insurance agent before making any purchases to ensure you get your discount.

Quigtip #3 Cable and Internet companies will generally charge you a $15 “router rental fee” for every month you have your internet with them. Buying your own router may cost a little more upfront but can save you $180 per year.

Quigtip #4 If your answer to your coffee addiction is a couple of trips to the coffee shop everyday just know that you can save up to $1,500 a year by bringing your two cups of coffee from home. With the advances in thermos technology, you can reliably keep an entire pot of coffee hot from sun up to sundown.

Quigtip #5Whether you need to slim down your waist or your wallet, swapping out your beef for beans may be the move for you. By choosing swapping out your proteins for plant based options once or twice a week you can save an average of $750 a year.

Quigtip #6 K-cups are a quick and easy way to avoid the coffee shop and save yourself some time at home or in the workplace. However, buying a new box of K-cups every time you run out can cost you an arm and a leg. By buying a set of reusable K-cup that can be refilled and rewashed you can potentially save $300 a year. This not only save’s some green but is also very green as K-cups are notorious for being terrible for the environment.