Seminars and Upcoming Events


Upcoming Seminars for New and Existing Couples

All Seminars will be held at American Century, 330 Madison Ave., 9th Fl., NY, NY (near 42nd St.)


Coffee, Tea, and Cookies will be served.  Q&A to follow seminar.


May 19th, 2020: SEMINAR #1- Marrying Your Money With bonus topic Car Buying Strategies

NY Times Building, 620 8th Ave, New York, NY 10036, 49th Floor. Coffee and light refreshments will be served. 

Q&A to follow seminar. Hosted by LEGG MASON 

Steps couples should take both before and after the Wedding to Marry your money!


*Should you have a pre-nuptial agreement   * Joint Filing vs Married Filing Separate  

 *Should you hold onto your name?             *Whose Benefits to keep post wedding

*Taxes what you need to know pre and post wedding  *Student loans payment plan strategies

* Whether to buy or Lease  * Buying or leasing Warranties    



June 10th, 2020: SEMINAR #2- Home Buying Strategies: Trading Up Trading Down 

Roslyn country club, 33 Club Dr, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 

 Understanding your new tax situation as a married couple, including how buying a house or having a baby affects your taxes.  Strategies for the year of the wedding!


                         * How the generations can work together * Gifting – do's/don’ts Parents helping Kids purchase          

* The plusses and minuses of Mother/daughter homes & house swapping       

     * Should you Buy your Retirement Home While You’re Still Working?             

* Intergenerational Planning - Parents helping kids? Kids helping Parents?  

* Understanding the Mortgage Process for New Homeowners and people trading down



September 30th, 2020: SEMINAR #3-  Have Financial Plan Will Travel 

NY Times Building, 620 8th Ave, New York, NY 10036, 49th Floor. Coffee and light refreshments will be served. 

  Q&A to follow seminar. Hosted by LEGG MASON                                                                                                                                   

* Basic financial planning and savings plans Tax Strategies and Retirement Plans                                

 * Student Loans – Payment plan strategies  * Tax Filing Status – Joint or Separate?

* Taxes - What you need to know before AND after you get married


* With Special Guest Amy Leon from Love and Adventure 




TBD: October 2020: SEMINAR #4-  Baby and Fido make Three 


                 * Pet Insurance  * Protecting loved ones                                  

* Wills Life Insurance and Wills     * Costs of Pet ownership 

* Adoption Costs for Babies and Puppies   Cost of Having a Baby  

* Baby’s and Child Care Tax Credits





It is not required for both members of the couple to come. No specific products will be sold – these are informational seminars only. Feel Free to Bring a Friend! This is a secure building. All attendees must pre-register (same day is fine) and bring ID.


Future Seminars:  Stay Tuned for New Dates:

A workshop style class to cut through the information overload about finanacial planning and debt management.  Bring a notebook and your questions!


  • Understanding investments and basic retirement plans
  • Developing a Practical debt management plan including Student Loans and Credit Card payment strategies
  • Creating a Saving plan for long- and short-term goals
  • What to save for Tax Time- not the tax class, but what records to keep for tax time