Why we're different

Because sometimes you need more than a Plan...

What does "a high level of personal service" really mean?

What will happen to my spouse if something happens to me?

I don't live near my parents. Who can help them manage their affairs?

Sometimes you need more than a Plan.  Sometimes you just need help figuring out the confusing papers that come in the mail.  Or maybe your parents are having trouble figuring out the medical bills that have been arriving non-stop since their most recent stay in the hospital. Perhaps there was a mistake on their taxes, and you are getting letters from the IRS.

When a client does a Financial Plan with a CFP, that CFP is in a prime position to help clients with their affairs.  They already know the clients situation and needs, and can assist them when things get a little overwhelming, or to help prevent things from becoming overwhelming in the first place.

For clients that have fee-based assets with me, I am willing to help them with these on-going, and oftentimes confusing needs.

Widow/Widower Services - over the years, several clients have hired us not for themselves, but for their Spouse, in anticipation of their illness or passing.  While the basic financial planning process is the same, we do give these clients an extra special level of attention as they transition into this new phase of their lives.  This stage often includes a difficult transition as they work through Probate, settling the Estate and getting a new Plan in place (new wills, changing names and titles etc).  In addition, many of these Widows and Widowers were not the Primary fianancial person in their household, and need to learn how to get these things done. 

This particular set of services has been a tremendous comfort, both for the Spouse left behind, and very often takes the burden off adult children who do not live nearby.