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Welcome!  Here you'll find information about our seminars for New Couples, plus a wealth of useful articles, financial calculators, important links and information about how I can help you manage your financial life.


We exist in a time like no other in human history. We have an unparalleled access to information and can exercise an uncanny control over how and where we invest our money.  Some people enjoy doing it themselves, but some people are having trouble with information overload and separating the information from the infomercials.


If you want the peace of mind that comes with getting your house in order, click on the Contact Us button and give us a call.  Getting started isn't as hard as you think!

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As part of our Financial Planning Services, we help clients with:

  • Pre-Wedding and Post-Wedding Financial Planning - Including Saving for the Wedding, determining if you need a Pre-Nuptial agreement, Filing Taxes together for the first time and other Planning topics. Give the new Couple a Plan as a Gift!
  • Investment Review and Asset Management - Investments, including 401ks/403bs
  • Pre-Retirement and Retirement Planning - Figuring out how much you really need to retire, transitioning into retirement and determining where to live during retirement.
  • Insurance Evaluation and Needs - How much insurance do you need? Term versus Permanent?
    How to wade through the sales pitches!

  • Estate Planning - Including review of existing Wills,  Health Care Proxies, Living Will and Estate Plan
  • College Funding - Saving Plans, How much to fund, Understanding Financial Aid & Student Loans
  • Mortgage and Debt Management - Plan to get out of debt including credit cards and Student Loans
  • Tax Preparation and Planning - Understand how your Plan affects your taxes and strategies 
  • Budgeting and Goal Planning - Figure out a realistic Plan to help you reach your goals