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Our Goals & Services

Working With You to Set Realistic Goals & Helping You Reach Them is Our Goal.

Here at Squigley Financial the cookie cutter stays in the kitchen when we formulate a Plan of Action with clients. We understand that life has many different pieces that can be tough to fit together and therefore our team works hard to make each plan personalized. With realistic solutions, we'll help getting each piece fit together to form your big picture. 

Once your goals have been established, we will customize appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives. We can help you execute all or part of the financial plan utilizing a variety of products and services, or you can implement the new Plan with whomever you choose.

Our Services Include:

Fee Based Asset Management - both retirement and non- retirement. This includes giving you advice on your investment accounts, as well as your 401Ks, 403Bs and 457 plans. Fees are taken directly from the accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis as a percentage of assets.

One Time Financial Plans - Clients can hire us to do a full financial plan that can be implemented with anyone. We are happy to coordinate with the other advisors and providers that you are already working with to make sure the Plan gets implemented properly. Plans are charged on a per plan basis.

Hourly Consultation - there is no charge for the initial consultation to determine if we can be of service to you. If you have a very specific problem that can be resolved simply in one meeting, we are happy to work on an hourly basis, although in most cases, it is better served to get a full financial plan.

We Help Clients With:

Pre-Wedding and Post-Wedding Financial Planning - Including Saving for the Wedding, determining if you need a Pre-Nuptial agreement, Filing Taxes together for the first time and other Planning topics. Give the new Couple a Plan as a Gift!
Investment Review and Asset Management - Investments, including 401ks/403bs
Pre-Retirement and Retirement Planning - Figuring out how much you really need to retire, transitioning into retirement and determining where to live during retirement.
Insurance Evaluation and Needs - How much insurance do you need? Term versus Permanent?
How to wade through the sales pitches!
Estate Planning - Including review of existing Wills,  Health Care Proxies, Living Will and Estate Plan
College Funding - Saving Plans, How much to fund, Understanding Financial Aid & Student Loans
Mortgage and Debt Management - Plan to get out of debt including credit cards and Student Loans
Tax Preparation and Planning - Understand how your Plan affects your taxes and strategies 
Budgeting and Goal Planning - Figure out a realistic Plan to help you reach your goals

Widow/Widower Services - over the years, several clients have hired us not for themselves, but for their Spouse, in anticipation of their illness or passing. While the basic financial planning process is the same, we do give these clients an extra special level of attention as they transition into this new phase of their lives. This stage often includes a difficult transition as they work through Probate, settling the Estate and getting a new Plan in place (new wills, changing names and titles etc). In addition, many of these Widows and Widowers were not the primary financial person in their household, and need to learn how to get these things done.

A Financial Plan Includes, As Needed:

  • Investment Review and Asset Management, including 401ks/403bs
  • Pre-Retirement and Retirement Planning
  • Student Loan strategies
  • Insurance Evaluation and Needs
  • Estate Planning, including a review of existing Wills/Trusts and other documents
  • College Funding
  • Mortgage and Debt Management
  • Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Budgeting and Goal Planning
  • Social Security Maximization strategies

What Should You Bring To Your First Meeting?

  • Copy of will
  • Copy/Info on existing life insurance
  • Statements for any investments you have - current retirement accounts, old retirement accounts, savings for the kids, regular savings and investments
  • Other Assets (ex. real estate)
  • Other Situations - Health Issues? Special Situations?
  • List of any debt including credit cards and student loans (current rate, current balance, # of years left for payment)
  • Names and Dates of birth of everyone in household
  • Basic Budget

Bring your pieces and we'll help fit them together to form your big picture. Give our team a call for more information about our services and how we can help you best.   |  516-354-3334